New trucks, and coooold

Hello there! So I have news. Not that much but some. Last week two of my brothers, my adorable sister(you know the one), and my mom and dad drove up to CO and brought back my brothers' truck! 😀 *cue photos* Isn't it lovely? Shortly after they got back everyone started getting sick! Its terrible. … Continue reading New trucks, and coooold


November(aka Nano month)

As most of you people out there know, today is the first of November. Meaning, Thanksgiving is in 22 days. It also means, Nanowrimo. For all your writers out there this is a big thing. The first of November means the first of 30 days to sit down and write 50 thousand words. Yeah, this … Continue reading November(aka Nano month)


Hello! So, as the title indicates this post is about horses(with a few other things thrown in). Okay. So last week sometime(who knows when), we drove out to somewhere(who knows where) and picked up this beauty. Isn't she pretty? Her name is Zelda, and she's a mustang. We are currently boarding her at a friends … Continue reading Horses!


Howdy!! So, today’s post is going to be about food. I love food. I post about it about every other post. I mean, you eat it, you feel better, and it tastes good(most of the time)! Great huh? Well, I’m going to be talking about some of my favorite foods in this post. Kay? Stick … Continue reading Food