So, I don't feel like writing a blogpost right now, so I'm gonna just do a picture post. Back-story for these photos: We have friends in Australia and a few of them came here 12-19. This is a documentation of that week. SO, I think that's all of them from that week. lol have fun … Continue reading Piiiictuuuuuuuures

yeah i know its late

im insanely bored and its only 10pm and i already feel high so guess what imma do: YOU GUESSED IT, write a blogpost and blow ya'lls minds on how stupid i can be sometimes šŸ™‚ my sister is cute and she's been laughing and talking for the past hour or so. she's supposed to be … Continue reading yeah i know its late

Build up

Something I've realized recently is everybody tears each other down. Everyone is saying that you're not good enough. Rarely ever does someone build someone else up, and tell them that they're doing a good job. Lemme tell you something guys, if you continue to tear down a person and always tell them they're doing terrible, … Continue reading Build up

2018 Recap

As ya'll know, New Years was a few weeks ago(I'm so late ya'll). The beginning to 2019. The beginning to a New Year that hopefully all of us make through. Looking over last year, I realize how much exactly happened. I met some very amazing people and saw some very cool places in Colorado. I … Continue reading 2018 Recap