Beautiful Things, and more Infinity War.

Hey guys! You get an extra post this week! *cues cheering* *wonders why anybody would cheer* *cries* A friend of mine recently made a blog! 😀 Meet Laura! An all-out coffee enthusiast, Laura loves reading and writing historical fiction.  In the rare moments when she's not pouring over history books or engrossed in her latest … Continue reading Beautiful Things, and more Infinity War.


Infinity war, cows, and ducks.

Sorry guys! These past few weeks were super busy. Let's start with last week. As many of you may know, the long awaited for Infinity War came out on the 26th. Thursday night, to be precise. I have not seen it yet(as I said, busy), but I assume it's as amazing as the trailer said … Continue reading Infinity war, cows, and ducks.


Hey!! Sorry, I missed Thursday, you guys! I was.....preoccupied. So, Tuesday night at 9:30 I arrived home. Like. Home, home. I was so excited!! My sister is teaching swimming lessons at the YMCA and she needed to be home to teach them. 😛 Mom and Dad didn't want her going alone, so, I was chosen … Continue reading Home!